Judy Russell Coming to Root Cellar, Sacramento Genealogical Society

Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist, is speaking at the Root Cellar, the Sacramento Genealogical Society, spring seminar on May 6th.  There is one week left to register.  Lecture topics are: Dowered or Bound Out (Records of Widows & Orphans) The Fair Court (Chancery Court) No Person Shall…Gallop Horses in the Streets (Court Records) After the… Continue reading Judy Russell Coming to Root Cellar, Sacramento Genealogical Society

Register for NGS Conference 2017 Live Streaming

Would you love to watch some of the lectures from the NGS conference next month, but can't make it to Raleigh in person?  Register now for Live Streaming. NGS is offering two Live Streaming packages, one with DNA lectures and a second with BCG skillbuilding lectures.  The skillbuilding lecturers include Elizabeth Shown Mills (she is… Continue reading Register for NGS Conference 2017 Live Streaming

Free Access to Legacy Family Tree Webinars this Weekend

Today through Sunday, Legacy Family Tree Webinars is holding a free access weekend.  I am a member of this site, and enjoy listening to their webinars when I get the chance.  I have specifically recommended some of their webinars on this blog.  Lots of great content here.  The BCG lectures are great, lots of good… Continue reading Free Access to Legacy Family Tree Webinars this Weekend

23andMe Adds Ten Genetic Risk Reports

Yesterday I received this announcement from 23andMe: I am happy to announce that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted 23andMe authorization to market ten direct-to-consumer, genetic health risk reports. This new category of health reports will provide customers with information about genetic variants that could increase their risk for certain diseases. The authorization… Continue reading 23andMe Adds Ten Genetic Risk Reports

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Revised Ethnic Origins at FamilyTreeDNA

Announcement This morning FamilyTreeDNA, one of the big players in DNA testing, announced that they have revised their ethnic origin percentage estimates: myOrigins 2.0 is here! Discover more of your story with myOrigins! We’re excited to announce the latest updates to myOrigins, our advanced and popular mapping tool that reveals your ethnic and geographic ancestry.… Continue reading Revised Ethnic Origins at FamilyTreeDNA

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AncestryDNA, Matches First See Each Other at Different Times

Did you know that AncestryDNA matches don't necessarily see each other for the first time at the same time? Recently a family member who had taken an Ancestry DNA test got a message from a close relative who had just received their Ancestry DNA results back, commenting on the DNA connection.  When the first person looked… Continue reading AncestryDNA, Matches First See Each Other at Different Times

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