Favorite Sources: Homestead Records

Last month I sent away for homestead records from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).  They arrived just a few weeks later in digital form.  I love that you can now request digital images of these records.  Homestead records are a great resource because they give a picture of an ancestor's life when they were establishing their… Continue reading Favorite Sources: Homestead Records

Favorite Sources: DAR Ancestor Database

If you research anyone who was alive during the Revolutionary War and old enough to serve in some way, check if they are in the DAR Ancestor Database. This database shows information about American patriots who served the cause of the Revolutionary War in some way.  They may have fought in the war, but they may… Continue reading Favorite Sources: DAR Ancestor Database

Favorite Sources: 1925 Iowa State Census

Did any of your family live in Iowa in 1925?  The 1925 Iowa State Census is fabulous because it asks for each Iowa resident to give detailed information about their parents: their full names, including mother's maiden name, ages, birthplaces, and even marriage place.  Be sure to look at this source even if the direct ancestral line wasn't in Iowa, but… Continue reading Favorite Sources: 1925 Iowa State Census